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Don't you just hate seeing fur on your clothes, on the floor, and just about anywhere your dog has walked past? With the brand new pet vacuum brush from Lilitoo, suck all dirt and loose hair like a magnet directly from your pet before it sheds around the house! 

Now you can brush your dog without the mess that regular grooming brushes makes. You can just add this vacuum attachment to your vacuum, and not only groom your dog in just minutes, but you also won't need to collect the pile of fur that your dog will make every time you brush.


  • Stimulates the skin blood circulation
  • Harmless removal of mats
  • Does not scratch your dog's skin
  • Removes tangles, knots, dander and dirt.
  • Great on dogs and cats
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable grip, strong, and durable
  • Material: ABS, Size: 17cm x 10cm / 6.7 ""x 3.9""
  • Fits various Dyson models or any other standard size vacuum cleaner!


  • No More Shed Everywhere

This vacuum grooming brush is designed to keep your life free of pet hair - Remove loose hair directly from your pet before it sheds around your house. with no effort and in no time!

  • Premium Quality 

The second you take this Pet Vacuum Brush out of the box you’ll instantly feel the premium quality in every piece of it.

  • Super Effective

It's the only pet grooming brush that's designed with smart bristles positioning, which makes it super effective to keep your pet free of dirt, loose hair and mats.

  • Lasts for Years

The solid, durable frame made from premium quality materials of your Pet Vacuum Brush ensures you enjoy the easiest pet grooming experience for years

  • Easy to Clean 

With your new Pet Vacuum Brush, you don't even need to use a hand to get rid of loose hair stuck to it. Just one click is enough!

  • Time Saver

You'll be amazed by the way this grooming tool saves your time and effort.

  • Perfect  Grooming

Just a  gentle touch on your pet using this brush and they'll have the sweetest look ever, free of loose hair and dirt, too!

  • Easy to Use

Just fix Pet Vacuum Brush on your vacuum cleaner and watch as it sucks all dirt and loose hair like a magnet in seconds!

  • Gentle on Pet 

The brush's bristles are smartly positioned for not hurting your pet or scratching their skin. The gentlest swipe on your pet's coat is just enough to suck all dirt and loose hair like a magnet!

  • Forget About Mats

Smart bristles positioning in this brush will help you forget all about mats.

  • Fits All Pets

Suitable for medium- or long-haired dogs, cats and other hairy pets.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Best Hair Removing Pet Vacuum 

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