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The That’s Bullshit Button is sure to put any pathological liar in their place! 

Presenting a Bullshit sound effects machine that says exactly what everyone is thinking! Featuring 5 laugh out loud Bullshit phrases, hilarious background sound effects and nonstop laughter.

This funny gag gift is perfect for the person in your life that just can’t control their need to scream Bullshit. The giant red button has the ability to call out bogus lies heard at the office, in the dorm and even around the dinner table.

At the office, there is nothing funnier than listening to the ridiculous excuses co-workers give to the boss to try and explain their behavior away. Give the gift of laughter to the person in your office who just can’t stand the lies anymore and wants to scream Bullshit!


  • The That’s Bullshit Button is the preferred method of calling someone out on BS, when they start spewing ridiculous lies!
  • Batteries are included with the Bullshit sound effects button!
  • A fun toy and funny gag gift that features 5 hit the floor with laughter Bullshit phrases. “Attention! The Bullshit meter has detected major BS. Confirmed! That’s definitely some Bulllshhit!” – “Ah, ya gotta be kidding me! That’s three gallons of bullshit in a two gallon bucket!” – “Oh no you didn’t! That’s some bullshit!” – “Wow, watch your step! You’ve just walked into some Bulllshhit!” and “Seriously? That’s Bull Bull Bullllllshhhit!”
  • The giant red button talks the talk, lights up, flashes and even includes multiple outrageously funny background sound effects.
  • Ideal for the office, pranks, gadgets, gag gifts, birthday gift, stocking stuffers, college dorm rooms, gifts, desk toys, coworkers, and even the kitchen table.

Product Details

  • Product size: 3.3 x 3.1 x 2.5 inches
  • Package includes: 
    • 1 x That's Bullshit Button


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