Smart Talking Pen For Kids


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Encourage Your Kids To Do Independent And Multi-Language Learning With This Fun Smart Pen For Kids.

All they need to do is point, listen, and follow. You’ll be amazed by the progress they’re making on their own and in different languages at that!


  • Multi-language support: Kids can learn English, Chinese, French, Arabic, and Korean. All they need to do is point to the language they want to learn and point to pictures or phrases in the book. And, they’ll hear the words and phrases for them to follow! Other languages can be added to the pen as well.
  • Fun design: This e talking pen is aptly represented by a blue-eyed robot that’s bound to capture your child’s imagination.
  • Rechargeable battery-operated: You don’t have to buy batteries for the multi-language pen. Just connect it to a power source to charge.

Product Details

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Power source: 300 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Data Transfer: USB 2.0
  • Language: English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Korean
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x Smart Talking Pen
    • 1 x Pen Holder
    • 1 x Charging Cable
    • 1 x Power Adapter
    • 3 x Smartbooks
    • 1 x User Manual


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