Swan Long Handled Soup Ladle


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Add Some Art And Grace To Your Cooking With This Beautiful Swan Long-Handled Spoon Soup.

Aside from its aesthetic merits, this ladle affords you a safe and nifty tool to meet your cooking requirements. Great for taste tests when you’re perfecting your soup-based dishes!


  • Beautiful design: This long-handled, soup ladle takes inspiration from the long-neck, graceful swan. It features a curved neck and a dented scoop that allows it to stand freely on its own. You can choose from a white or black swan design.
  • Food-grade and heat-resistant plastic material: Made from food-grade plastic, this beautiful ladle can be trusted to handle your food. On top of that, it’s also heat-resistant up to 400°F / 204°C!

Product Details

  • Material: food-grade safe plastic
  • Product size: 28 cm (ladle length) 10 cm (ladle coaster diameter)
  • Color: white, black
  • Package contents: 1 long soup ladle, 1 coaster



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